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About Program


Making the whole planet Sustainble, Green, Eco-friendly & lively with the support of all Ethical, Technocrat People.


Making 'Finch Banking Coin' as world's most admired digital crypto currency, and creating a world wide web of completely transparent, easy way money transaction on 'Block Chain' Technology; Creating Mega City Smart Green Eco-froendly Sustainable Socio-economic Infrastructures for making people's life prosperous, happier, lively, smoother and friendly.

Goals & Objectives

Core Value
  • Changing the mindset of people to make them more ethical, honest, and supportive, Instead of being materiallstic and self-oriented, brinnging awareness among them about protecting environment, global warming climate changes, energy conservation, sustainable development, and making them more conscious and others, leading people to changes and adopt new innovative technologies easily & smoothly.
Our Objectivies are challenging but achievable.
  • Leading the Throught process and Changing the mindset of the people to adopt hardcore new technology, i.e. 'Block Chain', and making them adaptive.
  • Creating a common platform where a=every individual would love transact their all transaction related to goods and services through 'Finch Banking Coin' and all crypto currencies
  • Making the life of people more transparent, ethical, smooth, enjoyable and fully satisfied by making every one rich and wealthy.
  • By creating Smart Green Eco-friendly Sustainable Infrastructures, and Eco-friendly system and making our planet more lively, green, eco-'n'-nature friendly and sustainable.
About us
  • We are the group of eminent people from all over the world who are 'Throught Leaders and Change Masters', trying to changes the world making it more techno savvy, nature friendly and caring for the society as well.

  • We are having common goal and objectives of making the whole world more ethical, equipped with all new innovative technologies, and leading the socity to make them adaptive to change.
  • We are all well educated, and scholars in various fields such as Science, Enginnering, Technology, Infrastructures, Agriculture, Education-Research-Inventions & Innovations, Environment Protection, Scio-economic & Sustainable Development, Policies & Frameworls, Economics & Social-Politics.
  • Our main Objective is to make people to adopt the new innovative and classic technology i.e. 'Block Chain' into their day-to-day activities and transaction to make the world's economic system quicker, transparent, fair and more powerful. This would lead the whole world more cohesive, united, and supportive to each other.

Our Wishes

Our wishes are to spread as maximum as possible the crypto currency and creating ad culture where maximum people would adopt the wonderful block chain technology, and do their all transaction through all crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Finch Banking Coin and all major currencies to increase their circulations, and add values & importance.

Our Programs

Our Programs for promoting and encouraging the usage of crypto currencies based on block chain technology, are to penetrate into all macro to micro activities occurring in the world, particularly into the fields of energy, power, infrastructure, and high value activities.

By using our technologies, policies, and innovative ideas, and with the support of digital crypto currencies using ‘Block Chain’ technology, we are planning to systematically, and strategically enter into all major fields, such as development of all new Smart-Green-Sustainable Mega Cities, Mega Infrastructures, Mega Business Hub & Centers, Smart-Green-Sustainable Villages, Smart-Green Power Plants, Smart-Green-Sustainable Roads & Highways, Smart Railway Corridors, and Smart Eco-friendly Ports (Airports & Marine Ports),

We have planned some programs to develop all these big infrastructures by raising funds from every common person to all rich venture capitalists to come forward and participate into our value adding programs and get them flourished in record time getting highest return on their investments.

Our Unique Product
‘QCR’ Free Electricity Generator

We have innovated one product i.e. 24x7; 365 days free power (electricity) generation system using all-time high value electromagnetic radiant energy to electricity generator right from micro level up to mega level to cater free- clean-green electricity at a very reasonable cost to every user right from Data-Centers, Mining-Nodes, Mobile Towers, Mega Centers, Mega Cities, Mega Infrastructures, Off-shore/On-shore Ships and Vessels, up to a small remotely located houses even on islands. This is really a revolutionary product we have developed, which we have planned to sell exclusively through Finch Banking Coin.

Our Unique Effective Solutions

‘Smart Utility & Energy’ Integration and Management Systems

We are the experts in ‘Smart Grid’ Technology, which is the world’s latest technology using all advanced technologies (viz. Power & Energy, IT/ICT/OT/IoT, and integrating them and bringing at one common platform increasing their importance and utility at an affordable rate. With the help of that, we have innovated and developed one effective and integrated system i.e. ‘Smart Utility’ system which is instantaneously & remotely

monitoring and controlling, all utility systems (Electricity, Water, Gas, Hydro Carbons and Sanitation) 24x7; 365 days using all smart metering system and communication systems sensing and gather all information about flow of energies, commodities and substances (viz. electricity, gas, water, all hydro carbons, liquid and solid wastes) instantaneously and remotely from all locations no-matter where they are located. This is going to provide us an effective ‘MBCC – Metering Billing Collection and Customer Care’ system to monitor & control flow of all commodities and substances, and effectively collect the revenue related to its transaction and sell of those commodities without wasting any time, and with no-loss. This system is going to bring huge transformation in supply chain management of any commodity or goods to optimize its value and minimize its transaction and operating cost.

Our Unique Offering of Services
‘Smart Engineering Consulting; EPC & Project Management Services

Having rich experienced eminent executives from various areas, we have leading edge advantage of provide high value expertise in all important areas of Engineering & Technology to provide all kinds of services starting from Consultancy, Project Designing, EPC & Effective Project Execution and Management services through our systematic online system, which we are going to provide very economically to all who use our Finch Banking Coins as their mode of payments transaction to all stakeholders involved into the Project Development. This is going to give us high end advantage of circulating our Finchoins at a maximum level increasing its value drastically.

With the support of all of our high value programs, we have systematically scheduled a program of launching and spreading our ‘Finch Banking Coin’ (with the support of Bitcoin, and Ethereum family currencies) to maximize the circulation and sustainably increase the value of all our coins in a record time by launching High Speed Exchange, Mining Nodes in the clouds, and Banking, Leasing and Project Financing Systems.

Thus, we have planned to systematically and strategically maximize the circulation of our ‘Finch Banking Coin’, and all major crypto currencies (those of Bitcoin, and Ethereum families) eventually increasing values of all.


Since last year we were working on all our innovative programs and planned to develop all new innovative products, solutions and services. After getting knowledge about Bitcoin, Ethreum, and the ‘Block Chain’ technology, we were planning to introduce our own crypto currency, i.e. ‘Finch Banking Coin’. Now it’s a high time to launch ‘Finch Banking Coin’ and circulate it to its maximum possible level to spread and sell our products, solutions, and services through Finch Banking Coin that would create high value for the coin and at the same time it would optimize the cost of products, solutions, and the service which we intend to provide to our valued customers and users.

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